Several weeks back it was announced that the Sony PS3 would be gaining Netflix support albeit with one HUGE crutch being that you would need to load a physical disc into the PS3 — Every. Single. Time. Not a very well thought out plan at all. Ok, so we figured we’d be looking at a couple weeks to a month or two of this half-assed attempt at a fix. Hope you weren’t planning on using your PS3’s disc drive for anything else while loading up Netflix for the next year as Netflix has come forward and shared the bad news with G4. The news: We won’t see a software based fix until late next year.

Aside from a few software issues, I can’t understand why it is going to take an entire year to bring normal Netflix support to the PS3. Yet again, Sony drops the ball. Only this time they had help. Anyone else a bit saddened that your Netflix disc Frisbee party is going to have to be pushed back?

As MattyB noted below, it was Netflix’s doing that got Sony in this hurry up and wait with a half-baked solution predicament. And as I replied below, I’m still pointing my finger at Netflix. I understand the money, cash, and fame that come with exclusive deals. But there are too many choices and platforms to make money on and users to reach to limit yourself to a single option.

Frisbee party still rescheduled….


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