Oh the horror. Sony has been teasing us for days on end with Xperia 10 slideshows and videos of a UI that is simply gorgeous and now we come to find out that it’s only capable of 65k colors. Before you get too upset and cancel your date with Rachel, you must know that this is a limitation with Android 1.6 that is scheduled to ship on the device at launch — not the hardware itself. The OS simply can’t make use of all the hardware stuffed under the X10’s hood.

There is hope. Android 2.0 bumps up color support to 16m (Like the Droid) meaning happier, richer images. For now we don’t even have a release date for the X10 let alone any news on 2.0 updates. Thankfully we have some relief that Android 2.0 is in fact coming to the X10. At a recent Q&A meeting, Global Marketing Manager for the Xperia X10, Sumit Malhotra, said that the X10 will evolve to Android 2.0 over time. I sure do hope over time means they’re working on it now! I’d much rather wait a few extra weeks and even a month for Sony to cease development on 1.6 and start working on making the X10, Rachel, and 2.0 all get along in digital dreamland.

I know that the difference in colors isn’t exactly noticeable outright without something to compare it to. Still it saddens me just a tad that Sony is spinning their wheels working with outdated software on a piece of hardware that simply begs for more. Then again, we all know Verizon did strike an exclusive deal with Google to be the short term, exclusive provider of Android 2.0. Think that has anything to do with it?