Tattoos haven’t changed much over the decades. It’s still essentially the same basic concept: A needle moving in and our of your skin with some sort of ink or dye on the tip. Other forms of body modifications such as piercings and implanting metallic objects ahve added a twist to the whole process, but a “tattoo” is still the same. Rebels and body artists of tomorrow will find LED tattoos the next big craze.

The idea may seem crazy at first, but it’s really not that complex. Simple silicon transistors measuring roughly 1 millimeter long and 250 nanometers wide are placed closely together on a thin layer of dissolving silk. The silk dissolves in the body leaving the circuits behind. Irritation is non-existent as the circuits are so tiny that they are completely unnoticeable to the “wearer”.

It’s pretty cool if you ask me. A little less permanent than ink and highly geeky. Those worried about the procedure should know that silk has been used for years in the medical field for various uses because of it’s ability to be broken down by the body with no harmful byproducts of effects. If it’s good enough to conform to the ultra strict rules in medicine then it’s good enough for the rest of us.

So what will you rock in LED fashion under your skin? The Mario Mushroom? Circuit board outline? Logo of your favorite tech company? Skies the limit…

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