The GD910 watch phone was by far the coolest watch phone I had seen thus far. It was extremely classy and techie looking — a far departure from your typical watch phone which often comes away looking like a Miami Vice edition complete with 80’s build quality and all. The GD910 while a niche product and low sales was proof that a cool watch phone could be built.

Apparently there was enough demand that one generation just wasn’t enough as LG has the GD910’s successor scurrying the lab looking for a release date. John Barton, LG’s UK sales and marketing director was quoted saying that “several” more styles of GD910 are coming. Now I would love to think that a new design/version is coming, but it could also mean that something as simple as an extended color palette is all that we’ll see. Obviously I hope for the former as the latter is a cash grab.

If you didn’t pick up the GD910 the first time around, would new colors or even a completely new model finally break your resilience to open up that death grip on your wallet?

Electric Pig