Maimed soldier regains speech ability thanks to technology/gadget


Being so focused and self indulged on gadgets can lead us at times become so focused on cool yet insignificant things when the bigger picture of life is concerned. Like many other nerds, I live for each and every gadget release whether it be a new laptop, phone, media player etc. But technology can be used not just to entertain but to help live as well. In those circumstances, some of the greatest examples of forward thinking in technology can be seen.

Ben Parkinson, 25, was seriously injured while on duty in Iraq. His injuries aren’t a simple scrape, cut, and bruse. Poor Ben racked up enough injuries for many people. Over all, he’s lost both his legs, paralyzed his left arm and suffered 37 other injuries in mine blast in Afghanistan. A true hero. One of the side effects of so much trauma is brain damage. That of which claimed Ben’s ability to speak. It seemed as if Ben would continue on through life without ever murmuring another sound. But thanks to Toby Churchhill’s Lightwriter SL40, Ben can again share his thoughts and ideas with those around him.

Ben had used previous versions of the Lightwriter though this new version will allow much more efficient communication. It’s interesting to see technology employed so that it actually enriches the lives of humans in ways that are different from the normal “lust” based uses. Know what I mean? The full story is truly worth reading and goes to show that gadgets aren’t just “toys”.

Gizmo Watch > Daily Mail


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