Being a used game retailer has it’s advantages. Gamers love new stuff. Because of that one way to fund their new lusts is by selling off their old. Awesome concept and business model until you consider more and more people are downloading games — that which you can’t return. GameStop, looking to keep from fading out of existence has announced via the BMO Capital Management Digital Entertainment conference that in earl 2010, the company will try it’s hand this whole digital marketplace. This test won’t allow full-on game downloads mind you. So if you were hoping to score a deal (as is usual with used game purchases) you’re out of luck for now. Aside from no full game downloads, you can take comfort in knowing their venture isn’t for naught. Game add-ons and/or game updates will be the first leg of Game Stops digital testing.

According to GameStop, the service will blend in with the PSN and Xbox Live Services. However, because full games aren’t going to be available, critics are already dissatisfied with the idea. I can see their frustration and share the same feelings for the most part. If you’re going to go digital, go all the way. Don’t do this I’m kinda in, kinda out type of approach. It’s a valiant effort by a company so entrenched in physical media but an absolute failure when all things digital are concerned. GameStop’s Chief Operating Officer, Paul Raine, stated at the the same conference that “there isn’t a huge market for full game downloads yet”, and that they fill at this time, the update/add-on route is the way to go. Really? I’m pretty sure those with speedier internet connections would much rather download their games and not have to go to the store to pick them up.

But that’s just me.Since it obviously isnt 2010 yet, I’m hoping that those in charge will re-think their decision and shake the right hands that need shaking to get full game downloads into the program. Otherwise it’s just a waste of time. But that’s just my opinion. There could be some huge market for game-add ons and updates that somehow isn’t being answered by the uber popular Xbox Live service or PSN. What do you think? Optimistic or pessimistic?

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