Contrary to what we reported earlier, it seems Samsung is not going to go Bada only. The slip up comes after Samsung made a very compelling announcement that Bada was more or less to take over with them phasing out other OS’s. Either I misunderstood that, the site I pulled it from misquoted him, or those running the show are a little confused. Whatever the cause, Samsung is not dumping Symbian. Instead, the company has issued another statement saying that Symbian and Samsung are just find. Samsung is one of the original members of the Symbian Foundation and as such is not giving up on the lagging OS anytime soon.

A multi-OS approach is awesome for end users. I mean with at least 3-4 different choices of who gets to run the boat, we have tons of customization options. Devs on the other hand have a mild headache on them if they want to support all four platforms. But then again, you at least have a choice.


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