Moto Droid battery mysteriously draining? Check those background processes.

by Mike
Posted November 16th, 2009 at 4:22 am

android-task-killerThe beauty of the Android platform is the ability to multi-task. Multi-tasking is a feature that such clever yet “not quite there” ideas such as Push Notifications just can’t compete with. On the Moto Droid, some people have been experiencing rather quick battery discharge times. Some unfamiliar with the platform or device may instantly credit it towards the processor juggling several apps at once in the background. But the real case is that it isn’t exactly multiple apps in the background, but instead multiple services. What’s the difference? Essentially the “app” is the everything we see as well as all of the code going on behind the scene. A service is the “thing” that is running when we close an app — it doesn’t have a UI.

In a nutshell, Android pauses most apps when we move to another app. Though some apps are poorly written and don’t stop or pause when we exit, continually eating away at battery and memory in the background. It’s a growing problem with new apps, especially apps being ported from the iPhone were devs are used to instant killing when closing the app. What to do? A simple task killer is a great way to handle rouge apps that sit in the background twiddling your processors figurative thumbs and eating your battery alive. A minor annoyance of the platform I guess but by no means the bottomless pit of horror that Apple leads us to believe background processes are, nor the utter mess that BP present on current versions of WinMo. Overall, this topic isn’t exactly Droid specific as it is common across all Android hardware and Android OS versions. The issue is definitely worth reading more into and in fact, a thread on the Droid Forums was what sparked the idea for this post. Just something I stumbled upon on my morning voyage through the interwebs that I felt like sharing with you all…..especially you new Droid owners :)

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