Would you use a free, ad-supported OS?

by Mike
Posted November 16th, 2009 at 3:43 am

osx-add-supported“Free” is a term that in this economy, draws people in scores. Not necessarily because we’re “cheap”, but more so frugal. There’s less money to go around and being a gadget nerd is not exactly cheap. We (us nerds) will often skimp on basic necessities just so we can have the latest in technology. Hey, it’s what makes us tick…don’t judge. With that sad, many programs, software titles, and even some hardware can be had at a significantly reduced cost when ads are thrown into the mix. I hate ads. The only time I tolerate them is in the instance of Hulu. It’s a great free service that finds me not really caring too much for the occasional 30 second ads. Heck, I’d even wait a minute or two (albeit at a lesser frequency) between actual clip viewings if it meant keeping Hulu free. But Hulu and all other areas where ads have crept a single, small programs. What about a full blown, free, ad-supported OS?

A recent patent by Apple highlights this very idea. Now Apple has for a long time been against obtrusive and hideous ads blanketing their products. Not to mention, It seems kind of strange that Steve Jobs is the first name listed on the patent. I mean, looking at the image above seems to indicate that the ads would be on the longer side and some even un-skippable — a philosophy and ideology that the Jobs has been more or less opposed to. I don’t know about you, but I don’t mind ads in software and between movie clips because I watch them infrequently for short bouts of time. But an OS I interact with for hours at a time. Having to deal with an obtrusive, full-screen, un-skippable ad when I’m trying to get a big post done or some other time sensitive material would be a major pain in the arse.

Could this be the sign of changing times? Or is Apple merely protecting themselves and future ideas with a patent for the time being? I guess the more important question is, “Would you use a free, ad-supported OS”?

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