First off, if you skipped the commercial above, go back and watch it. Ok, watched it? Great. Grand. Good. So let’s just pick this apart shall we?

  1. Nation’s Fastest 3G network: Debatable. You have to be able to get a signal first. And even then, many large cities with pristine signal quality suffer from grossly overtaxed networks.

    Winner: Draw

  2. Talk and surf at the same time: Correct. AT&T does hold a big advantage over VZW’s network by allowing users to talk and use data at the same time. VZW’s CDMA based network simply can’t compete.

    Winner: AT&T

  3. Most Popular Smartphones: Debatable. Though AT&T does often get more and better phones. VZW usually receives second rate smartphones and overhyped feature phones that used to all come neutered. But VZW’s recent embracing of more open technologies and buddying up with Android are looking up.

    Winner: AT&T by a hair, but VZW is quickly closing the gap

  4. Access to over 100,000 apps: Want misleading? Come and get a big steaming pile of it right here. Simply stating that AT&T offers users (read: users in general — with no mention of the iPhone or App Store) is far more misleading than VZW’s network coverage maps. Sure a simple little text blurb at the bottom about some apps being “device specific” is displayed. But if Verizon’s ads — detailing how 2G coverage is available outside of 3G areas but not shown — are misleading, how are AT&T’s not? The iPhone is the only platform to have over 100,000 apps. The BlackBerry platform has it’s share and Symbian devices have a nice little niche market. And the featurephones — don’t even get me started. Another prime example of AT&T failing to capitalize on anything besides the iPhone…

    Winner: Draw. While the number of Apps available to AT&T iPhone customers is huge, AT&T is simply throwing around a big number to woo over potential customers. **In other news, cookware retailers announce strange shortage of black pots….

  5. Has a “V” in the name: AT&T has run out of lies to spew and truths to distort. Witty attempt goes here.

While VZW’s ads were pretty much spot, some (misfit’s we’re looking at you) were kind of corny. AT&T’s on the other hand? Well, if they haven’t fired those responsible, now would be a good time to do so. So who wins? Neither. Figure that? It’s simple: AT&T needs to upgrade their network and Verizon needs to continue getting awesome phones. Draw it is.