From the company squandering away because of the lack of worthwhile apps: “Apps aren’t that important”

by Mike
Posted November 18th, 2009 at 5:11 am

ray-0zzieDon’t you find it funny that the people or companies who discount any given service or product are usually denial or insanely jealous? Perhaps you need an example: Microsoft. For the last year, Microsoft has been talking up it’s own Mobile App Store. While not exactly marketing it as the sole reason to buy their device (much like Apple), they are giving it a fair amount of marketing dollars and spotlight. Knowing that, it’s rather odd to hear Chief Architect Ray Ozzie claim that mobile apps aren’t important or needed for platform to enjoy success. He couldn’t be further from the truth. Maybe 3 years ago mobile apps didn’t matter when 99% of them were junk. But with the power and versatility of smartphone hardware (and software) today as well as countless “deal breaker” apps, if your platform doesn’t have apps, the consumer market isn’t going to give a damn about you. Hmmm, precisely what is happening to Microsoft.

I really don’t understand how Oz can fathom this idea. Look at the platforms that are doing the worst — Symbian and Windows Mobile. Those two companies have the quickest shrinking market share. Why? Old, outdated software with no immediate relief in sight and a pathetic if not non-existent mobile application market. How employees like Ray Ozzie get their jobs at major tech corporations shocks me. For a company that should be completely entrenched in getting more consumer users, trying to be “cool”, making such a careless and ridiculous comment shows that Microsoft has absolutely no idea how to succeed in the consumer smartphone market. Microsoft can argue and plead and quote numbers all they want, the facts are simple: Windows Mobile subscriber base continues to sink downward. Without a successful app store it is only going to sink further.

Such statements and positions should scare Microsoft Execs. If they really care about regaining acceptance into the consumer market, replacing Mr. Ozzie is the firs step with the ‘Balms closely following. Agree?


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