android-gmail-dotUsers of Gmail who like to take weekly strolls through the Gmail labs area of the the gCloud will notice a new feature has popped up dubbed “Green Robot”. The word “Green” and “Robot” coming from anything Google could only mean one thing: Android. Activating this feature will simply make your Gmail contact chat dots who use Android devices display as color coded Android icons instead of the typical colored dot.

By no means is it a productivity booster or performance enhancing trick. It’s nothing but a cool little visual treat to spruce up your inbox and splash your Android fetish over yet another service/product. According to Google, this feature was made solely to make conversations between Gtalk/Gmail users more efficient by allowing users to “tailor their messages depending on their recipients device”. You obviously don’t want to write small novels on your phone nor do you want to read them. But why stop at just Android?

While I understand Gmail is a Google product, same as Android, is Google flirting with a lawsuit? As TechCrunch mentions, having cute little icons for all mobile devices (or at least several of the most popular) would be a cool. Plus, bundling more and more of their own products together is casting them in the same light that Microsoft lives in. And we all know how often anti-trust issues seem to crop up around them.

Impending doom aside, with this lab feature enabled you can remain fairly confident that at the very least you’ll come off as a dork. And just in case you were wondering, I enabled this feature. Dork I are…