For once in my short lifetime I can finally say we here in the U.S. have a cool mobile technology before our tech god cousins in Japan. That gift is Android. The Android scene in Japan has been pretty much non-existent with NTT DoCoMo’s plans to actually release an Android device(s) remaining fairly stagnant. Heck, it’s been a good year since DoCoMo first announced they were going to release Android handsets. Their stalling is another carriers talking point as SoftBank has announced that they plan on releasing an Android powered device next year. Sharp meanwhile also announced Japanese bound Android support though their “device” included an “s” so perhaps NTT DoCoMo is finally getting that ball rolling.

Some may discount the fact that Sharp is but one player in the hardware market in a country that is chock full of mobile devices. Wile true, Sharp just so happens to be the largest mobile hardware manufacturer in the land of the rising sun. That fact alone means any decisions or technologies they choose to introduce will actually reach quite a few people.

Since Japan does enjoy several mobile technologies that many other earthlings can only dream of, Android does have to be tweaked as it’s been stated that the OS will support custom Japanese technologies such as seg-1 (mobile tv standard) as an example. Given the added develops being added to the Japanese flavor of Android, a delay on DoCoMo’s part doesn’t seem as far fetched. Still, a year without any major advancements is a long time.

Any Japanese readers eagerly anticipating Android’s touchdown?

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