Camper trailers are cool again: C3 Hotel Cube


If I ever thought I would hear someone say that a “camper” could be cool, I would have chuckled and laughed at that individual, convinced that this person was a few fries short of a happy meal. Now if they were talking about the C3 Hotel Cube (designed by Jianbo Huang & Ting Zhao), I would agree — campers are cool again. As is standard with pretty much any concept vehicle, future tech rains in on several fronts. From electronically controlled glass to dual action stove/refrigerator to pull out awning, this camper is the perfect for a weekend get away. Being the sports junkie that I also have living within, I can’t help but think how awesome such a camper would be for tailgating weekends. *dreams….* Slew of pictures inside.

Yanko Design