As sad as it is, most of the good smartphone accessories aren’t often found in stores. It is those online stores which carry those most sought after accessories with the brick and mortar stores usually getting second rate, cheap junk that no one every buys. But every now and then, a good one will come home to a store near you offering you the chance to “try before you buy”…or at least seeing it in person — a big help as computer screens just don’t offer the same experience. The next time you stroll into your local AT&T store, go over to the iPhone section and look at the accessory wall and you may see a new addition: the Mophie Juice Pack Air. If you are anything above a moderate user, you need one of these for your iPhone as the standard battery simply doesn’t cut it. The Juice Pack Air’s 1200mAh battery should give you a good 80-90% longer runtime all while keeping the overall size nice and thin thanks to a carefully designed battery and case. Besides the new location, the Juice Pack Air now comes in several more colors so now everyone that doesn’t like black, white, or purple can finally find something to suit their needs. The Juice Pack Air isn’t anything new, but having a closer location to actually go and touch one yourself is certainly newsworthy I think. Interested?

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