If you’re in the heat of the battle within a Halo/Modern Warfare 2/GTA mission on your Xbox and are completely oblivious to any and all threats in the immediate reality surrounding you, a new mandatory warning system coming to New Yorkers will benefit you greatly. The New York Emergency Management Office will soon start issue warning messages via Xbox Live. Messages such as Tornado, flood, thunderstorm, amber alert, etc. will come through the Xbox Live channel into your humble abode alerting the 25 and younger crowd whom are increasingly spending more time away from traditional TV and radio channels that broadcast such emergency information. The move will hopefully spark other agencies and corporations to embrace this whole digital realm of things. Though I hope Microsoft doesn’t allow companies and third parties to go overboard. God forbid Xbox Live becomes overrun with commercials and merchant services. Such a thing would destroy the popular online gaming world. Thankfully I don’t think Microsoft is willing to sell that much of their soul.

So what do you think: Emergency warnings via Xbox Live — Good or bad?