If you’re looking at the image above wondering if it’s plausible….or even fully working, I can honestly say yes, yes it is. The photo above shows the end result of an old Sega Genesis tear down by Wired’s Charlie Sorrel. According to Charlie, their was plenty of room to jam some small speakers inside and make this Japanese Genesis belt out tunes in line with some of the greater iPod docks. But in the end he choose to keep things nice and simple. Hey, I’m simply amazed in wonderment at the sheer geekery of everything before my eyes. This and a whole lot more can be seen back in Chris’s original post over at Wired. I don’t know about you, but every time I come across old antique gaming junk in the basement I’m going to try and think of all kinds of ways to give it a fresh albeit Frankenstein-ish take on life.