Even though I wasn’t initially enamored with Twitter, I have come around in the last year. While I’m still by no means a twit-a-holic, I do find myself spending more and more time on the popular micro-blogging network. Since I jumped ship from my iPhone to the Android platform, I’ve been looking far and wide for a comparable Twitter client. Twidroid has generally been crowned the top Android Twitter app, though unfortunately isn’t even close to Tweetie 2 for the iPhone. Now I’m not saying this to knock Twidroid, I’m merely stating that the Android Twitter apps need more time and refinement. Along these lines, I mentioned a nifty app called Touiteur a few days ago. This Twitter app (still in development) looks to be one of if not the best Android Twitter app once released. Obviously the developers behind Twidroid don’t want to see that and have formerly announced that Twidroid 3.0 is coming. Coming when? “Early December”. Now I have two Twitter apps to keep my eyes on. Being the spec hounds that you are, I’m sure you want some hard info. The new specs include:

  • Threaded conversations
  • Twidroid plugins + examples on our website (e.g. google maps, support any photo service)
  • Single tweet view with extended infos
  • Remember timeline position setting
  • Jump to top in timeline button
  • Autocomplete usernames for replies
  • Bring up tweet box directly by typing @
  • DM list now with avatars

So after looking at the list above, and checking out that earlier post I mentioned about Touiteur, we can see that both of these apps are approaching the whole Twitter scene differently. Twidroid is continuing it’s strong presence with more functionality. Touiteur being the newcomer is bringing a rather large feature list as well as a more visually pleasing, clean UI. Is Twidroid’s UI in need of refinement? To some that’s debatable. Personally I’m finding the UI in Touiteur a bit more finger friendly and clean. But again, that’s my preference. Still, it doesn’t take away from the robust feature set of Twidroid 3.0. When all is said, which app has your most interested: Twidroid 3.0 or Touiteur?

Androinica > @kevinawhalen > Twidroid