AT&T hates the truth, democracy, and their customers. Communist flag waves high and proud.

by Mike
Posted November 25th, 2009 at 8:40 am

Anyone with even the smallest smidgen of knowledge into the tech realm knows how corrupt AT&T is. They lie, falsely advertise, and contort the truth for their own benefit. Such accusations and characteristics aren’t much different from most American businesses but the lengths at which AT&T goes as well as their blatant and obvious hypocrisy is downright shameful and disgusting. Without further procrastination, I bring you AT&T: The consumer hating, money driven, lets kill everything that even threatens our monopoly, communists. The fact of the matter is, that just as communist countries sensor everything and hold absolute control, so too does AT&T by lobbying against net neutrality.

The latest throw down is thanks to different viewpoints between AT&T’s Chief Lobbyist (his judgement and character are already clear…) Jim Cicconi and White House Chief Operating Officer Andrew McLaughlin. You see, White House COO Andrew McLaughlin made a completely honest and accurate statement regarding similarities between AT&T’s policies and communism without laying so much as a single shred of sugar coating on his wording:

If it bothers you that the China government does it, it should bother you when your cable company does it.”

Shocker, AT&T doesn’t like this blatant (and completely factual) accusation and responded with the following:

It is deeply disturbing when someone in a position of authority, like Mr. McLaughlin, is so intent on advancing his argument for regulation that he equates the outright censorship decisions of a communist government to the network congestion decisions of an American ISP. There is no valid comparison, and it’s frankly an affront to suggest otherwise.

No AT&T, it is YOU who is deeply disturbing. Crooked, corrupt, and ethically void companies such as you deceive the public and the government with your greed seeking propaganda that are of little value to end users and the market as a whole. You care only for your own pocket completely ignoring what your customers want. Enforcing communistic rules and policies on your network and then falsely labeling them under the guise of “network management” is both disgusting and just plain bullshit. I applaud Andrew McLaughlin for standing up for the little guy and not mindlessly bending over for corporate lobbyists like the rest of the pussies that fill the government, giving into the “highest bidder” or the company who donates the most.

So what do you say AT&T? Will you take the high road and realize you complete incompetence, fire all of your “lobbyists”, and take on a more consumer friendly course of action? I know such things are completely vague to you. But could you just give it a shot? Oh yeah, one more thing. Instead of endlessly pursing stupid lawsuits and wasting money on false advertising plastering “the greatest”, “most reliable”, or any other positive form of sentence structure on your commercials and banners, how about you take that money and build up your network so we wouldn’t have to criticize you.


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