Phil Schiller may be walking around with his head up his ass completely oblivious (or in denial) about the real state of affairs concerning the App Store and it’s horrendous approval process, but we in the tech scene can see past empty promises and lies. The previous article I highlighted I sourced from Geeky-Gadgets. It’s worth noting that I never source two articles back to back, or even in the same day from the same site as it just isn’t good blogging manners. However, I stumbled onto this little snafu after posting the other article. Not to mention, it needs to be talked up.

I frequent GG as they often write about some rather odd and unique gadgets that are quite interesting. When they decided to develop a Geeky-Gadgets iPhone app, I was extremely excited as I mentioned before, it is one of my favorite sites. So it is with great disappointment (though little surprise) that after GG submitted their app three weeks ago, the developer responded today saying Apple rejected the app because of a “Contest” category within the app. All it did was link to the contest section of the site where they routinely hold….contests. Apple claims they can’t verify the validity of said contests and as such, the section has to be removed. They also go on to say that if at any point they see or hear of even a simple post within the normal blog/article section of the app, they will delete the app from their servers. Can we say bullshit?!

I understand protecting end users from scams and gimmicky contests, but being so frank about it when countless other apps employ various types of contests in their apps is yet again another example of how stupid the entire approval process is. Geeky-Gadgets, I feel for you. It’s these daily stories of disappointment, complete lack of common sense, and all around stupidity that have me not missing my iPhone in the slightest. Apple, please, fix your problem already.