Google Phone’s on again/off again relationship with our souls…

by Mike
Posted November 30th, 2009 at 10:21 am

google-phoneFor every site you find on the internet telling of a so called “Google Phone” — the ultimate Android phone according to Google’s own tastes — one can find just as many if not more sites debunking such rumors with the most popular reasoning being that Google would hurt 3rd party partners. Because of this, we’ll never see a Google Phone straight from Google. They don’t make hardware. Or do they? Gizmodo received a hot tip that points even harder to Google releasing a slab of hardware on their own. So what exactly would a Google inspired phone look like? Hard to say. But hardware isn’t everything anymore.

With that said, this gPhone won’t just sport new hardware but new software as well. According to Giz’s sources, this uber Android phone will run a version of Android that makes even 2.0 look like child’s play. Of course, this is under the assumption that we’ve been dealing with the “real” Android so far. Not so according to the source, claiming the “real” Android has yet to show it’s face.

Interesting stuff indeed. While I generally am pleased with most of the Android hardware, I have yet to see one that leaves me speechless and eager to drop untold amounts of cash on — Droid included. HTC generally has pretty high build quality on their devices and previous rumors speculated that a gPhone had a high probability of being developed and manufactured by HTC. My personal wish is for another touchscreen + physical keyboard device much like the G1, except in a form not as goofy and straining on the hands.

Rampant speculation and giddiness aside, if we did see an HTC based “Google Phone”, I can honestly say that I would be excited and fairly certain that it would be rock solid. As far that mystery build of Android it’s said to be packin’ — future goodies and all — well, I can hardly wait. Think there’s any sliver of hope Google would “step on their 3rd party/supporters’ backs by kicking out their vision of what the pinnacle of Android devices should be? Or could we say that Google is merely trying to bump up competition a notch or two?


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