DirectX 11 and Dirt 2: The best eye candy money can currently buy…

by Mike
Posted December 2nd, 2009 at 6:36 am

I’ll admit that my time is extremely precious. Between work, blogging on two sites, and college, any spare time I may have is used for simple tasks such as eating, going to the bathroom, and when the mood strikes me, taking a shower (just kidding, I’m much cleaner than that.) But every now and then I do manage to break away from the daily grind and get in some good ‘ol gaming time. While first person shooters are one of my old favorites, I find as of late that I’m being more drawn to racing games — you know, from the likes of Gran Turismo 5, Forza 3, and now Dirt 2. When Dirt was first released, I played the hell out of it even without a steering wheel. The graphics were near the top of the food chain though the physics tended to err on the side of fantasy with copious amounts of understeer going into turns and then a mountain of oversteer kicking you from behind right at the apex. Hey, it at least made for a good seat of the pants driving experience.

Now I’ve never been a big PC gamer — instead sticking with consoles — but Dirt 2 could very well have me testing my computer building skills as it is one of the first games to support and fully make use of DirectX 11. Even though the image above is pre-rendered with actual game footage not coming out quite as pristine, the fact that DirectX 11 will be on board means the image above is closer than ever to being actual gameplay footage. That is impressive. Considering you can set yourself up (albeit expensively) with a few Eyefinity enabled panels cranking out pixels in 7680 x 1600 bliss, gaming with Dirt 2 on the PC should be a real treat.

For now, the only cards that support DirectX 11 are AMD’s HD 5970, HD 5870, HD 5850, HD 5770, and HD 5750 as Nvidia either doesn’t have their stuff together or is moving in a different direction with a heavier future emphasis on GPGPU processing. While I’d like to see Nvidia continue the cut throat pace they were once operating at, a minor lull in activity so that AMD can once again enjoy some spotlight is more than welcome.

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