Want the ultimate geek’s phone? Then you have no other choice but to get the…GeeksPhone One. This low volume phone created by geeks for geeks is one of those rare projects by the open source community to bring something to market that is truly designed for picky few by the very people demanding such excellence. We’ve known it’s been coming for some time. With the picture above showing off the packaging, we know it is now closer than ever.

Some may discount the device because of the boring and uninspiring packaging. Such individuals don’t get the point of the GeeksPhone. Packaging means nothing. Absolutely nothing. The only thing that really matters is what’s inside. With that said, the specs are fairly common for your standard Android phone these days. Particular points of interest that stick out to me however are the custom UI, actual GPS chips, and Wolfson DAC meaning above all else, this phone should have some decent sounding audio. It’s certainly got the hardware for it. Can the software deliver?

Unfortunately I dont have the money for such a device at the moment. But, if someone who does would be so kind to flood my inbox with pictures and impressions I’d be more than happy to pass them along to the rest of us.

Lusting for more? Full rundown of specs right inside…

  • Hardware

Processor: 528 MHz ARM11 (ARM1136EJ-S) Jazelle™ series
Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7225
DSP/RIL: Qualcomm radioOne QDSP5000
RAM: 256Mb
ROM: 256Mb 512MB
Form factor: Full screen candy-bar with flat sliding keyboard
Antenna: Ethertronics Hi-Gain active omni antenna (GSM/WiFi/GPS/BT)
Display: 3.2” WQVGA Fujitsu MVA hybrid-resistive touchscreen
Keyboard: Virtual and 40-key physical QWERTY slider (d-pad and fn keys)
Camera (main): 3.1 megapixel HD camera with AutoFocus
Camera (front): 0.3 megapixel fixed-focus camera
USB: MicroUSB Client (U-Disk system with SD Reader and USB-modem)
Accelerometer/E-Compass: Yes (3-axis) / No
Storage: up to 32GB via MicroSD (SDHC & SDIO standards)
F-Keys: Call (green), Hang (Red), Multifunction (White), Camera, Volume slider (with mute lock), Power & 3 virtual keys (Menu/Home/Back)
Audio Subsystem: Wolfson DAC/CODEC (ALSA)
Speakers: 2×1 watt RMS wide-range speakers
Microphone: high-end dynamic microphone with digital noise suppression
Headset jack: 3.5mm Headset/Handsfree minijack
Battery: 1110 mAh 3.7V Li-Po
Size/Weight: 110 x 55 x 14 mm / 123g
Others: Includes a retractile stylus; Biodegradable plastic housing.

  • Wireless

Radio: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 & HSPA 2100 (7.2mbps/5.7mbps)
WiFi: Marvell 802.11 b/g
GPS: SirfStar3 with DGPS (WAAS/EGNOS)
A-GPS: Ephemeris QuickFix™ with database auto-update (fetnet server)
Bluetooth: long range BT 2.1 compliant

  • Software

OS: Android-based OS with custom UI
Platform: Qualcomm 7×25 Baseband

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