The web’s in a tizzy tonight over Google’s new home page layout that it’s rolling out to all users. The design takes minimalism and the “less is more” philosophy to the nth degree. When navigating to, at first all one will see is the Google logo and the search box. After moving your mouse, the rest of the page elements such as the various search options at the top quickly fade into view. In case you didn’t realize, Google’s new minimalistic layout is now a complete opposite of Bing’s in-your-face switching background design. One has color, shapes, and lines everywhere. The other has nothing but a box and some words.

It’s odd. I usually prefer eye candy to minimalism any day. But Bing’s layout just isn’t quite doing it for me. Why I don’t know. The switching backgrounds are certainly catchy. Though In the end, does it really matter what a search engine’s homepage looks like? I mean, you’re going to spend what, ten seconds there? Some will no doubt over analyze Google’s move to the point where you’re going to be sick of hearing about it. Not me. It’s cool. It’s new. It’ll cause grab some attention. Think everyone is making a big deal about nothing?