Facebook was almost Comcastic — Why?

by Mike
Posted December 3rd, 2009 at 7:26 am

The big news in the media world this week is Comcast’s acquisition of NBC. With anti-trust/monopolistic worries creeping to the forefront of our minds, we can all agree that it is a sensible purchase. Comcast controls many aspects of the media world, why not have their own channel of sorts. Again, it makes sense. New news today filtering out that details Comcast’s plans and strategy on this long and winding road to gobbling up a company had many stops along the way. One stop in particular that seems a bit odd to me is Facebook. Yes, Comcast was actually considering purchasing Facebook.

There’s one that that really confuses me about that however. They’re basically two completely different companies dealing with two completely different regions of the “media” world — if you could even say Facebook is a media company as to me, I see them more as a social networking first business. It comes off looking a lot like the botched eBay/Skype deal that ultimately ended up in eBay taking a loss and dumping Skype. Mind you, Skype back in it’s early days was a quickly innovating and fast moving company. After being picked up by eBay, that pep-in-the-step momentum died as Skype has pretty much remained motionless the last several years. Would it have been the same for Facebook if Comcast had purchased them? Would Facebook have caught MySpace-itis and rapidly fallen from it’s king pin position?

I guess all I really want to ask you is “Why”? Comcast is obviously hungry for new markets at the moment. But simply buying someone just to make yourself bigger isn’t exactly the smartest business move. Anyone care to share their thoughts?

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