In a land of over 1 billion people, one would think that the iPhone could find at least some strong footing. The people of China have been begging for official support ever since the first gen iPhone became available way back in 2007. Now that it has, what does China Unicom have to show for it? 5 iPhones. Ok, so this number isn’t the overall number of iPhones sold. Although. the fact that this number comes from the countries largest online iPhone retailer, TaoBao, sets a depressing tone for other sales channels. If the largest online store in China can only sell one hand full of iPhones, what are smaller stores doing? It’s hard to say really. I know for a fact their are more than 5 official iPhones floating around China but I’m not arguing the fact that the official China Unicom edition iPhone is crap. Lacking WiFi and launching with an astronomically high 4,999 yuan ($730) to 6,999 yuan ($1,025) also doesn’t help matters.

Of course, those who really wanted an unadulterated iPhone with fully functioning features in tact have been able to pick them up on the black market for well over a year at much lower prices. Essentially China Unicom shot themselves in the foot with the skyhigh price tag and trying to sell a WiFi-less iPhone to begin with. Any Chinese readers care to chime in?

**I know the WiFi ban was government mandated and not the sole decision of China Unicom. The ban has since been lifted and the next gen of Chinese bound iPhones should regain said feature.