WolframAlpha does it all wrong, neuters free version, overprices “real” app.

  • December 3, 2009 8:16 pm

wolfmanIn the book of “Ways to kill your profit”, WolframAlpha would have a two-page spread. One page for the insane price of of an intelligent search engine/question answerer and the second page would be about how they took away a dependable service. More on that second point — WolframAlpha used to have a pretty good iPhone optimized site. That was until they realized no one was buying their overpriced app. Solution: Neuter the free offering and force people to pay the amount of 5 large Pizza Hut pizzas. Ya, not exactly a great idea.

The normal website is still accessible after dismissing the annoying pop-up that encourages you to buy the $50 app, but again, removing a once highly popular and used feature simply because you’ve failed to add any real value to your actual app is a sign someone needs to be fired.


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