In Brazil, violent video games are bad. Violent books, movies, advertisements all ok.

by Mike
Posted December 5th, 2009 at 6:17 pm

I’ll admit, there are some pretty sick, twisted, and downright disturbing games out there. But that’s just the thing — they’re games. Games are meant to take you into a realm of fantasy. A place outside of laws, science, and yes, even morals. Unfortunately as of late, video games such as Grand Theft Auto and Modern Warfare 2 have been getting a bad rep for their unlawful plots and seemingly sinister undertones. Several countries are now moving to enact laws that would ban violent video games with one such country being Brazil. Valdir Raupp, a Brazilian senator has pushed forward his own bill that would make the sale, purchase, storage, and transportation of any outlawed games punishable by up to 1-3 years in prison.

There’s only one problem I see with this growing anti-violent game crackdown: Video games are increasingly singled out, yet are there not many more times the amount of violent movies, books, magazines, advertisements, etc? Why aren’t they being banned or regulated…?

This is the world in which we live. It is a place where politicians care more about meaningless BS such as a few violent games that cause already mentally unstable people to fly off the handle than real problems such as murders, rapists, child pornographers etc. With prison populations around the world growing by day and governments finding it increasingly difficult to fund such prisons, why would you want to fill them more with people committing so called “crimes”?

It’s beyond dumb. But I’m not the senator. I couldn’t be a government official actually. I care too much for actually telling the truth from time to time. Personal politics aside, I’m sure Brazilians yuckin’ it up on Xbox live, playing GTA and having the time of their life are going to find Mr. Raupp’s new laws less than kosher. Just imaging if some U.S. politician tried such a ban. Can you picture the upheaval that would spread like wildfire?

Anyone could label me as some anti-government, anarchist crazy that hates anything to do with government. That simply isn’t true. The real reality is, so much attention and blame is being thrown at violent videogames yet violent movies, books, advertisements, and other entertainment mediums go unscathed and undocumented. Why no love for games? Perhaps it’s because they’re so new and essentially an “uncharted territory”. I really don’t have the slightest clue. What do you think: Are videogames being unfairly targeted in this whole violence crackdown?

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