Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em: The E-Hookah

by Mike
Posted December 6th, 2009 at 11:24 am

A couple of years ago, I received a hookah as a Christmas gift from a friend. I’m not a smoker mind you, but every once in a while I’ll get in the mood to fire the ‘ol hookah up. The reason for the “once in a while” routine? Well, smoking isn’t that great for the lungs (shocker!) but more importantly, I can only stand so much of it before it makes me nauseous. Also, the fact that I can’t take my wondrous hookah anywhere in public because of anti-smoking laws blanketing the country means it has been relegated to a rarely occurring treat. Ok — why am I talking hookahs on a tech blog? It all leads into the the whole transformation of taking something as old and seemingly stagnant as a hookah and somehow making it digital. Such a transformation is perfectly captured in the E-Hookah…

“An E-Hookah?”, you say slightly confused. It replaces the standard “analog” process of burning coals with a “laptop sized battery pack” and flavored nicotine cartridges which are claimed top pump out the most smoke by volume of any e-smoking device. Stop me if I’m wrong, but I thought biggest by product of hookah smoking was steam with smoke being a smaller part of the cloudy haze?

Since the whole e-cigarette/cigar scene became more mainstream a couple years ago, I haven’t really been impressed. Personally it seems as more of a scam with gimmicky claims and false promises of “safer” smoking. I realize smoking in any form is bad. But you only live once and if I get some weird happiness from it every once in a while get off me. I don’t tell you how to live.

With that said, are you intrigued, disgusted, or convinced by the E-Hookah’s claims and e-smoking in general. Or do you call BS on the whole thing, cutting through the haze that has blinded so many millions?

[E-Hookah (Green Smoke)]

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