JooJoo “The born again CrunchPad” get’s detailed…



Fusion Garage and TechCrunch have been going at it for the last several days in a cut throat manner, both accusing the other of lies, deceit, and all kinds of other hurtful things. We all know what Michael Arrington and the entire ‘Crunch team think. Fusion Garage announced today that any IP property or copyright claimed by TechCrunch and Michael Arrington is “ludicrous” and simply not true. Fusion Garage CEO even goes as far as to say that Michael Arrington didn’t do enough — practically anything worthwhile or useful in the advancement and development of the CrunchPad. Ouch. Bickering aside, you just want specs and pictures.

Sadly, no one is going to be impressed with the underpowered specs that include 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU, 4GB RAM, 5 hours of battery life, and a few other mid to low range features that now cost $500. The OS boots straight into a browser (ala Chrome OS) so native apps are looking pretty unlikely at this point. Overall it looks to me as if Fusion Garage just created another table clone computer that will only appeal to a small, select group.

Ya, so much for actually wanting a CrunchPad JooJoo. At the size and price, I’d rather get a cheaper laptop or a nice smartphone. It’s sad, the CrunchPad was a novel idea. Now it’s legacy is nothing more than a typical over-hyped, under performing hardware/software combo yet again. Anyone still interested?



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