Nokia N97 price cut in half. 3-year marriage commitment to Bell Canada needed…

by Mike
Posted December 7th, 2009 at 9:07 am


For whatever reason, Nokia phones have failed to really catch on here in the states. I know we’ve all seen those junk freebie Nokia’s that just about every carrier has, using them to inflate their bottom line. But the real meat is that of smartphones. Here in the states and even North America as a whole, Nokia smartphones are often left for those with deeper pockets than most thanks to a lack of carrier subsidizing. $5-$600 phones are simply too much for most end users to pay. Even the most diehard tech enthusiasts can’t afford such treats. But for a few of our lucky Canadian friends, getting a subsidized Nokia smartphone — an N97 no less — for half the price is something that will certainly perk a few ears.

According to MobileSyrup, this Thursday, December 10th, the same day that sees Bell Canada launching their first Android device (Samsung Galaxy) will also see them launching the Nokia N97. For now, price is uncertain. But given that it’s a 3-year contract — a full 50% longer than most other civilized nations around the world — I would hope that a fairly generous subsidy is given. Look for the N97 to cost anywhere between $250-$350 when all i’s have been dotted and t’s crossed. Suddenly taking a trip up north doesn’t sound so bad now does it? Now where did I put my snowshoes….

BGR > MobileSyrup

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