Twoddler gives your baby a voice. Tweets his playtime habits with ease.

by Mike
Posted December 9th, 2009 at 7:26 am

Interested in genealogy and observing how traits and characteristics are passed down from generation to generation? Things such as build, eye color, skin tone, etc. are the most obvious shared traits. As the world becomes increasingly digital however, we should start noticing within the next couple of decades “digital traits” passed along. Not sure what I mean? A perfect example of “building” such traits into your children and starting your kids young so that they’re technologically fluent by the time they are potty trained can be seen in the “Twoddler”. No it’s not some invented age category to make children in between younger ages feel better about themselves. Instead, it is a unique social networking toy for toddlers and younger children.

Operation is simple being, a device targeted for those of an age who can’t read and have the attention span of the dogs in Pixar’s “Up” (Squirrel!), I would hope that using it wouldn’t cause toddlers to pull out what little hair they have. When your toddler pushes the various buttons and plays with the multitude of turney things and noise makers, Arduino sensors on board capture the data and transmit it wirelessly (via ZiggBee)to a computer which does all of the heavy lifting. The data from the toy is then turned into random yet tactful tweets that mom and dad can follow. To give you a taste, a couple examples of the tweets the Twoddler can send — when say, pressing a picture of mom — include:

  • @mommy_bobby Bobby misses mommy and looks forward playing with her this evening
  • @mommy_bobby Bobby is having a temper tantrum and wants mommy home now.

Is the whole concept and idea corny? Eh, a little. But at the same time I’m left thinking: “Where was the twoddler when I was a kid?” It’s a cool device that should at least keep baby entertained for months and mom and dad for at least a few days — after which the constant @mom’s will drive you insane. Still, you have to appreciate the attempt at reaching an untapped market. What other geeky gadgets do you think would benefit those under 5?

Neatorama > Wired — GadgetLab > Twoddler

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