About that Microsoft Apple device ban…[Follow up]

by Mike
Posted December 10th, 2009 at 10:57 pm

The world was seemingly coming to an end as we know it. After a recent German Microsoft Press event and some random Microsoft PR dude telling people to pack up their Mac’s or go home. Naturually that didn’t sit well with pretty much the entire blogosphere. But according to a second Microsoft Rep, the statement made by the German employee was “misinformed” and overall talking about stuff he shouldn’t be or simply isn’t talented enough to do? Whew, I’m just glad we got that one covered. I’m just glad the comment was nothing more than a bad Google Translation *presumably* as Microsoft can’t afford now more than ever to start picking and choosing who comes to their conferences and what they bring. Such things don’t exactly bring in customers by the drove.

Now that I think about it even harder, actually enforcing polices would have been epicly hard to begin with. Not forgetting either that harming bloggers on a whole is bad all around. We’re a vocal bunch. Microsoft a bit late to the party at least understands when it’s not OK to laugh anymore. So get all of those Mac’s off of ebay and out of the trash. Microsoft still loves you even if you don’t love them…

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