China Unicom reporting iPhone sales count passes 100,000

by Mike
Posted December 10th, 2009 at 10:09 am

china-unicomIf you happened to catch the article we mentioned a few days back highlighting the extremely rough estimate/rumor that a mere 5 official China Unicom iPhones were sold at launch, you probably came to the conclusion that basing overall numbers off of one store — even the largest online retailer in the country — isn’t exactly the most accurate way to reflect sale. In truth however, the main point wasn’t to say “Hey there’s only 5 iPhones in China” but more to highlight abysmal sales overall. Even according to China Unicom’s revealed sales numbers on December 3rd pictured a bleak outlook with only 5,000 units selling in the first four days of availability.

Now that Apple’s little gem has had a few more weeks to win the hearts and minds of the Chinese, sales numbers are picking up. To date the new sales figures are showing the 100,000 mark nothing but a figure in the rear view mirror. Compare that to the original 2007 iPhone’s 250,000+ sales on opening weekend and we can begin to see the toll that black market (read: fully functional and better) iPhones, stratospheric price tag ($730-$1025 USD), and lack of WiFi have done to the first official iPhone offering.

The price is unlikely to change much. Black market iPhones ulocked from elsewhere fix this problem. Also a knock against China Unicom’s offering is the lack of WiFi. Again, unlocked black market iPhones have this feature within. So why would someone buy a “legit” iPhone from China Unicom that is more expensive and comes with less features? Peace of mind perhaps? All I can say is that while Gen 1 might not quite live up to the hype everyone thought it would, gen 2, 3, and so on should more than make up.

All of this of course comes from China Unicom themselves so it would be interesting to hear from a few Chinese readers as to the real state of affairs. Any Chinese readers care to share any insight?


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