Porsche’s Lithium-ion battery offering finally here.

by Mike
Posted December 10th, 2009 at 10:38 pm

**Update: I apologize for the countless typos and broken sentences that were found throughout this post. I was *attempting* to write while drowsy. Utter failure. Don’t post drowsy folks…

Battery technology just isn’t keeping up with the demand consumer electronics are putting on them. No one would normally think that a 22lb. weight reduction in a car is something to brag good about. But in the wild world of racing, every ounce can be vitally important. Today, Porsche is taking the high road (high tech road that is) and introducing one of the world’s first automotive Lithium-ion batteries. The longer run times, lack of a “memory”, and overall general performance upgrades over older models are the main reasons why an end user such as yourself would want to make the switch.

But such luxury doesn’t come cheap. Simply checking the small checkbox next to the Lithium-ion option on the order sheet site will make an already expensive car into an even more expensive car. $1,700 more expensive actually. Pricey for a battery no doubt. Though as already stated, the 22lbs. weight savings you’ll gain is something that should improve your laptime. And in a car whose real purpose is lapping the track the fastest, is there really any debate that you need to check that little box? Is a spiffy new battery with a rather (in racing car terms) substantial weight loss compared to traditional lead-acid batteries enough to make you splurge $1,700 more? Chances are if you can afford a Porsche, a spare $1,700 isn’t likely to phase you.

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