GSM Droid (Milestone) coming to US retailers. Thick, hard as steel string attached…

by Mike
Posted December 11th, 2009 at 1:34 pm

milestone-handsThe Droid is the current “must have” Android gadget. It’s sleek, powerful, and pretty darn good all around. US users however are limited to one carrier at the moment — Verizon. Much like some people won’t switch to AT&T for the iPhone, there are many who feel the same about Big Red. Hey, whatever floats your boat folks. The tale across the big blue pond is slightly different however as GSM is much more prevalent than the ugly step child (aka CDMA). Yesterday the Motorola Milestone (European GSM Droid) launched. You could say it was with a resounding success as only 2.5 hours after being made available on eXpansys, the Milestone sold out. Ask any US Droid/Milestone hopeful and they would rebuke sad stories of Milestone sell outs with a replay sounding something like “at least you have the option to get a GSM Droid”. But that isn’t quite 100% true anymore.

Now US users can pick up a GSM Milestone without going through as many hoops or currency exchanges as they did just a few weeks ago. Instead, a simple trip on over to eXpansys or Amazon whom currently feature the Milestone unsubsidized at $700 and $790 respectively. As you all know, unsubsidized phones are a wallet raping experience to put it not quite so mildly. Is it worth it?

Don’t forget that while a GSM Milestone is much easier to grab for US GSM users, it does come with one big caveat — no 3G support. Truthfully, that’s a massive caveat that I couldn’t live without. Because of the different 3G bands used in Europe, the Milestone is nothing but a 2.5G/WiFi mini monster when brought state side.

I don’t really think too many people are going to be super early GSM Milestone adopters here in the U. S. of A. as it’s simply too expensive and only half functional. Don’t go calling the funeral home yet however as there is a wee bit of light peering out from the distant, dark end of the tunnel. Leaked documents from many weeks back show T-Mobile getting their own Milestone/Droid/Sholes at some point in the not too distant future.

Now if you don’t like Verizon or T-Mobile and Motorola hasn’t released that tri-band 850/1700/1900 3G Module that we’re already wetting ourselves over, a simple four letter explative preceded by “You’re” seems most appropriate about now. Quite a conundrum isn’t it?


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