North Legion SMX Snow Bike: The coolest way to experience the slopes.

by Mike
Posted December 11th, 2009 at 10:04 am

Skis are so 1970’s. Snowboards are out too. What in this day and age is cool for the slopes and won’t leave you looking like a lost and aging poser? The North Legion SMX Snow Bike. While those around you will still be slippin’ and slidin’ around on traditional old school snow travel methods, you can wow spectators and garner gawkers from all around with your snow bike. Essentially a custom bike frame attached to 3 skis, the Snow Bike makes traveling the vast snow covered hills and mountains of the world a new adventure that should bring new levels of adrenaline to those who seek such things.

If you find yourself looking at the design and thinking about how many times your rear end would come in contact with the seat, make note of the robust suspension attached underneath that aims to save your ass end from bottoming out in the most painful ways. It’s worth noting that because of the design and physics involved, deep, fresh powder isn’t the best road to drive on with this contraption. Instead densely packed, hardened slopes or those covered in the fake stuff are your best bet.

This holiday season instead of getting your kids socks or new pants for school, get them something that’s cool, get’s them outside, and builds character by punishing them to routine organic snow cones via their face (remember the helmet) If you’re dead seat on getting one, be sure to figure out an approach on the grand price tag revealing — £1,049 (~$1,700 USD). In all reality, $1,700 isn’t really that unreasonable for a top of the line bike — much a killer snow bike. So whataya say?

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