Cowboys HD giganta-tron does 3D like dragster without brakes, skydiver without parachute…

by Mike
Posted December 14th, 2009 at 1:50 pm


Remember that massive HD TV that just mere months ago was winning praise from tech enthusiasts and sports buffs alike for it’s bigger than life size? The glory of being number one is often short lived. And as we’ve learned from Tiger Wood’s recent unfolding, any long stay at the top often ends unfavorably and scandalous. But let’s get back to tech shall we?

That massive HD monitor at Cowboy central had already conquered all other HD displays in the world so why not try for another award — world’s biggest 3D TV. Unlike the first award, this one was an utter fail. The problem was that HDlogix — the company supplying the 3D prowess for the display — relied on those dorky 3D glasses to get the desired effect. And of course, a good chunk (read: pretty much everyone) didn’t bother even putting the goofy goggles on which in turn caused them to see nothing but blur when trying to watch the only staple of the Cowboys football team worth watching (the cheerleaders) on screen. With the massive amounts of blur came equally massive amounts of booing from the crowd. Further complicating matters, those who actually bothered to use the glasses claimed the display and 3D picture combo caused ample amounts of nausea. Needless to say, seven minutes later and it was back to plain jane 2D viewing mode.

What about glasses free 3D technology? I mean, it’s all the rage currently. HDlogix has the know-how, just not enough to scale it up the the gargantuan proportions of the Cowboy’s giganta-tron sized display. Needless to say, it just goes to show you how much glasses free 3D technology needs to be improved. Sporting some nifty 3D goggles in 1982 was cool and all but this is 2009 people. Let the technology do the dimension shifting work, not some crazy contraption we strap around out head.

Maybe next year…(homage to the Cubs…and after this season the Bears.)

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