Nexus One passes FCC with Tri-band US 3G support!

by Mike
Posted December 14th, 2009 at 6:24 am


The claims of a “Google Phone” are gaining momentum this morning. Just to throw it out there, now I’m finally starting to wish I would have waited a *tad* longer before picking up the Droid. I love it and all, but the Nexus One is hott (two T’s hott!!) even without a physical qwerty. Personal lust behind us, the Nexus One has inched step closer to our hearts and hands this morning as pictures of it sailing through the FCC have gone public. Any additional info or shots of Android 2.1 won’t be found here as this current photoshoot is full of mainly business only attire — serial number and other unexciting stuff. Though one important and crucial feature revealed by the cold and sterile FCC garb is the mentioning of tri-band US 3G: 850/1700/1900 MHz! That’s right, this beast will run on either AT&T or T-Mobile 3G out of the box depending on the SIM card you mash inside. That is awesome! I’m sure AT&T users are dying to get their hands on any Android device much less the most hotly debated and discussed Android device. Why other smartphones and manufacturers haven’t made this move so far is beyond me. All I can say it’s about time! Perhaps this follows the idea of a “non-exclusive” (read: carrier free) phone?


But there’s more to share this fine, dark Monday morning. A nifty find from Engadget in the Nexus One product manual points to a “help” page at Google:

Finally, a third cherry atop the pie of smartphone hysteria comes by way the fact that the Nexus One, built by HTC and documented as such via the FCC filing, lacks any and all HTC branding whatsoever.

The significance you ask? If Google is releasing their “own” branded phone, the manufacturers name has to go. You know how it is. Represent and all. At first I was as most, a bit skeptical of Google releasing their own phone. But now that the picture is flying past clear and going towards HD, it’s becoming much easier for me to envision a Google Phone. Now I want one really, really bad. Who’s ready to donate an organ for the cause?


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