Australia to take on a more communistic ideology. “The Great Firewall of Australia” is a go…

by Mike
Posted December 15th, 2009 at 7:21 am

censorshipEvery time I hear the words DRM, censored, “it’s for the children”, and so on, I get the urge to vomit. So many times in the short time span of the last 10 years, we’ve seen various groups and individuals alike trying to safety proof the world — sanitizing our daily lives because a select few feel it is their duty to encroach on other peoples’ lives. If I were ever thinking of moving to Australia, my hopes, dreams, and ambitions would be severely squelched after learning of the recent “green lighting” of a new internet censoring program being employed by the Australian Federal Government. As you guessed, it’s all for the kiddies.

The main goal of the censorship smackdown is to week out harmful sites such as child abuse, child pornography, sexual violence and anything else along those lines. According to the government, this so called blacklist of “refused classification” is the best method for blocking harmful content and keeping the internet in the land down under running at 100% optimum speed. It’s worth noting that the government and supporting agencies boast of the list method’s extremely quick operation. However, one thing we all have to keep into account is that the list from the start isn’t that big considering how many websites are on the internet. The true test would be after a few years when millions upon millions of sites are clogging this so called “great idea”. Only then will we see how it truly performs.

But the most frightening and sadly unsurprising realization is that the list of blacklisted sites doesn’t just contain your normal allotment of kiddie porn and other “harmful” things. Earlier this year, a blacklist-in-the-making leaked onto the web allowing all to see the direction and scope of this censorship. To the fear of many, the list did in fact contain far more material than one would think. Common sites such as YouTube, countless online gambling sites, various Wikipedia entries, euthanasia sites, “fringe” religions (Satanists apply here), fetish sites, Christian sites, and even normal gay/straight sex sites. As you can see from this small example of blacklisted content that in no way should be blacklisted, the future consequences of employing a country wide net nanny have far reaching consequences. Consequences that future governments will abuse.

It’s the age old story: Government liberates for the people, returning power to the civilians. Over time, government grows larger. In the end, government is just as oppressive and large as before. Mind you, the U.S. isn’t squeaky clean either. There isn’t (or at least shouldn’t be) a doubt in anyone’s mind that the U.S. government doesn’t enact at least some small scale internet filtering. It’s the sad state of the world we live in today. Australia’s new direction is a sobering one that should scare not only tech geeks, but simple civilians as well.

censor2While the Great Firewall of Australia has the weight and support of the federal government behind it, it still has to be elected into law come spring time. Hopefully Australia has a few more tech minded, competent people in office that actually understand anything digital and realize the terrible idea this is quickly becoming.

Safety proofing the world will never remove harmful content. Those who truly seek socially blacklisted content will always find it. The only people blocked, affected, and ultimately hurt by such things are the vast base of the general population — in this case, the general internet using population. At some point, the human race is going to reach a point where they one day wake up and realize that policing the world, monitoring everything, and having nanny eyes spying on every corner completely ruins the entire aspect of this little thing called life.

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