Touch screen computers go now ready for 32-digit input thanks to “dreaMTouch”

by Mike
Posted December 15th, 2009 at 9:57 pm


I don’t personally own an HP TouchSmart PC. I’ve used one though and came away overall impressed. It’s a nifty idea though not one I’d want to make use of daily. Some things I just prefer to do with an old fashioned mouse and keyboard, joystick sometimes makes grand appearance. The real problem with the TouchSmart is that it only senses up to two fingers. The reason behind such woes stem from the sheer size of the display which forced HP to rely on older optical sensor based technology for the touchscreen mayhem.

Thankfully many smart people around the world work on such issues as the two-finger TouchSmart PC limit. Two of those very groups happen to be German think tanks Elektrosil and Citron creating some truly awesome multi-touch-on-steroids technology dubbed “dreaMTcouh”.

The real cake taker here is that with the help of dreaMTouch, touch input focused computers such as the TouchSmart (there’s a whole lotta touchin’ goin’ on…) can jump from paltry 2-finger support all the way up to 32 phalanges if the necessary amount of fingers and toes can be allocated for.

Currently, the panel that slips over the actual display of the end user measures in at 4mm so it’s not that big. But do you really want some big piece of plastic hanging in front of your nice, glassy display? Hmm, me thinks that 32 points of contact between myself and the digital world is certainly worth a few sacrifices. Did I mention that this technology can be scaled up to displays up to 82″ in size? Ya, somehow that plastic shroud is looking like less of an excuse. What says you?

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