Zune Twitter app goes the China/Apple-net-nanny route. Censorship now standard! [Update]

by Mike
Posted December 17th, 2009 at 8:27 am


**Update: Microsoft pushed out an update for the Zune Twitter app. It’s f****** fucking great. Get it while it’s hot!

Oh joy. Don’t you love it when some company, software developer, or hardware manufacturer decides what is and isn’t suitable for your senses to consume? I know I sure do. Mmmmm censorship and net nannies how I love thee.

Blatant sarcasm aside, having the Zune team tackle the whole net nanny is rather disappointing. Kids may see vulgar content in live, user generated content. That’s life. Get over it. Censoring the world won’t stop such things from reaching children. They just become annoyances to the rest of civilization and reasons not to buy a particular product. The obvious option would have been to install a password (read: parent controlled) on/off feature that would block/censor vulgar content. An all out *** buffet is stupid. Oh well, maybe ver. 2.0….

Besides the hand holding, the app actually looks pretty good visually speaking though users in various Zune forums are offering up their own two cents. According to them, the app is just “ok” as bugs currently persist. But as is usual with all 1st gen/ver. 1.0 products, bugs are expected. By the time the next version is pushed out I’m sure Microsoft will have gotten around to fixing them.

Any Zune users currently having their socks rocked? Or are your socks more like knee highs reaching towards those sky-thigh-high running shorts? We’ve just gotta know.


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