3D glasses to tag team that nifty 3D TV you just bought priced out of relevance for most — $75+

by Mike
Posted December 18th, 2009 at 1:51 pm

3d glasses

Isn’t it funny how HD’s dominance as “the” TV tech to have was rather short lived? In some senses I guess it isn’t that short. Looking at the bigger picture however again suggests otherwise. Overly philosophical theories aside, 3D TV is going to explode in the next few years. HD was cool and all, making the best of what a 2D picture could look like, but 3D is an entirely different animal. A fine, sexy, killing machine of an animal I would wager to say.

One of the obvious tools the 3D aficionado of the coming years will need is first a 3D capable TV. With that TV you’ll need some form of 3D content — hello satellite, cable, Blu-ray 3D. Good to go? Not quite there skippy. You need one more item — glasses. While we’d all like to see 3D pulled from it’s reliance on glasses, the ugly truth is you’re going to be in for quite a wait if that’s what you’re hoping for anytime soon. Be thankful for these new age 3D glasses aren’t nearly as ugly or gimmicky as the old red/blue anaglyph versions as you can see from the renderings above.

The pair of glasses pictured above are what a good deal of the 3D glasses that are both paired with 3D TV purchases and bought separately will look like. Red isn’t my personal favorite but if it gives me Avatar in my living room, well let’s just say I’ll deal with it. The only thing that makes your eyes to the double brow lift is the reported price tag of $75+. Youch. That $75 is on the low end as well with prices easily climbing to $150.

Clearly, these glasses and TV’s are not meant for families with children or the clumsy prone. At least not in the near term. As the technology advances and the market becomes more saturated, picking up said glasses at a fraction of the cost will become much easier. Even still, a 2, 3, or more child home would likely want to stay away from 3D TV’s and glasses for the mere fact that replacing the glasses alone could bankrupt them. Sad that greed is tarnishing a great technology and service from the start. But I digress…

Anyone out there ready to drop it big on 3D TV in 2010 and beyond? If you so choose, share with us whether you have kids or not and if that factors in to your decision. Happy commenting :)


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