Google apps lack multi-touch on the Nexus One. No AT&T 3G

by Mike
Posted December 18th, 2009 at 8:38 am

Patents are a necessary evil. They help protect certain rights of individuals and ideas from being stolen and such, but all too often in this day and age they are abused and used solely to hamper innovation and hold back the market. Case in point: the lack of multi-touch on native apps on Android devices. I’m sure most of you know by now that the Nexus One will be neutered just like all other Android devices — save for our lucky European friends overseas. The hardware and software are more than capable, it’s simply a matter of the Goog’s not implementing it into their own stuff. There are ways around it however. Various 3rd party apps such as the Dolphin browser have multi-touch (read: iPhone-esque zooming) support.

Unfortunately, it appears that the mere threat of a lawsuit from Apple has got Google scared to the point of not even bothering. It’s a sad realization. Why should one company control the market in such a way? If another company builds their own multi-touch software from scratch, that should be the end of any IP infringement case. Such is the broken world we live in. For now, owners of multi-touchless devices will have to rely on custom ROM’s and manufacturer aided software such as that from HTC.

Is the Nexus One’s lack of native multi-touch a knock against an otherwise flawless phone or could you honestly care less?

One more thing, 3G support is T-Mobile only. An odd thing considering it has hardware support for AT&T 3G. The lack of multitouch isn’t a deal breaker. Lack of 3G — you bet. Why oh why does this happen? AT&T’s Android game was finally looking up. You know, because that disappointment that’s coming to AT&T as “the first Android phone” is a poor attempt to say the least. Anyone get knocked twice?

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