Droid and Sense UI starting to play somewhat nice. Rosie reported to be coming over for dinner too?

by Mike
Posted December 30th, 2009 at 10:14 pm

Android is all about customization and tweaking the hell out of it. While a large majority of those jumping on the Android bandwagon aren’t exactly the largest book of technical knowledge, it’s good to know that it’s not stopping development of custom ROM’s and all the enjoyable bits and pieces that make Android the highly customizable.

The last week has seen Android 2.1 (Flan) as the current “must have” for Droid users. I myself flashed the latest 2.1 ROM available and was thoroughly impressed though a few nagging issues such as non-working keyboard backlight are still keeping me tied to 2.0.1. I unlike many other Droid users however are also dying to get some Sense UI love on our Moto devices. That beast is entirely different and finally almost here.

If you’re entranced with Sense UI and are currently sporting a Moto Droid, stop on over to this thread on AllDroid and start hitting the refresh button. Thanks to “humancyborg”, Sense UI is making it’s way across the hardware gap. While this thread is still in it’s infancy, it’s already 8 pages long at writing.

A few days back when I was looking at the Android 2.1 ROM for the Droid, I stumbled across someone (can’t find it for the life of me now) mentioning someone — humancyborg to be exact — working on a Sense UI ROM for the Droid. A quick google search didn’t turn up any threads on any android forums. But that’s because until today, he was updating the world on his Sense UI ROM’s via his Twitter account: @humancyborg.

So what does it all mean? The Droid was rooted a only a couple of weeks ago. At first it didn’t seem like there was much benefit. Coming from an iPhone, Android itself is a huge step up in functionality. But as the devs around the world start picking up the pieces of the various bits of Android, we’re now finally starting to see some great stuff come to light with the early 2.1 and Sense UI ROMs.

One juicy tidbit is that as of writing, humancyborg posted a tweet saying that within the hour a new 2.1 dump will be ready for the Droid. How will it compare to already available 2.1 Droid ROM’s floating around on Alldroid? We will soon find out.

Ok, the final treat. There are even murmurs floating around of an upcoming Rosie ROM for the Droid. Rosie if you didn’t know is the spectacularly classy looking skin splashed all over Android on the Sony Xperia X10. The Android scene is really heating up folks.

Best Android 2.1 ROM’s to date for the Moto Droid:

And of course the Sense UI 2.1 Droid ROM (Warning, extremely buggy. Only SMS and Calling works reliably for the time being)

Give them a shot and let us know how it goes!


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