Geeky-Gadgets iPhone app finally approved. Long waits, multiple rejections, and stupid reasoning aplomb.

by Mike
Posted December 30th, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Travel back in time inside your mind to November 25th when we touched on fellow tech blogger Geeky-Gadgets’ less than stellar interaction with the App Store and the mindless idiots who run it.

November 4th: App Submitted / November 25th app rejected

If you remember, the original Geeky-Gadgets app that was submitted on November 4th was rejected because of the contest category and some BS rule in the iPhone SDK that prohibits including or linking to such things. “Fair enough” said Ronald, editor of Geeky-Gadgets. To him, getting any app onto the App Store was more important. Ronald instructed the developers to abide by Apple’s rules and resubmit the app for approval. To recap, the original app was submitted November 4th and this first rejection/letter came on November 25th.

December 16th: rejected

Many more days went by as Ronald waited impatiently for any sign of progress. On December 16th that progress finally came — in the form of another rejection and accompanying fix. This time, Apple also wanted the contest category and any contest keywords removed as well. This problem Ronald admits, was more so his fault for not removing all contest material the first time. Again, the app was fixed and resubmitted.

December 21st: rejected

And so it continues, December 21st brings another email detailing another stupid ass example of Apple’s inconstancy and incompetence: the use of the word “Apple”. According to the SDK:

Applications that contain terms, product names, brand names, or entities in their search criteria that are registered trademarks not licensed or owned by the submitter cannot be posted to the App Store. It would be appropriate to remove “Apple”.

That’s all fine and dandy and I don’t have too much problem with the word “Apple” now being used as long as common sense is used. The problem however is that their consistency sucks and as we’ve seen countless times, common sense is sorely lacking. Do a quick search on the App Store for tech blog iPhone apps and notice how several other apps include the use of the “Apple” keyword. The dumbest thing is, apps such as the Geeky-Gadgets iPhone app weren’t using it in any manner that was questionable, illegal, or for self profit. They were simply narrowing down readers’ options by offering up a fucking keyword….

They removed the Apple keyword.

December 30th: app approved

When Ronald logged into his developers account this morning, he was greeted with some much happier information — the Geeky-Gadgets app had been finally been approved posted. However, the ironic, slap in the face, knee jerking, face palming kicker is that Apple used the original Geeky-Gadgets app screenshots — the ones that include the Contest Button which Apple made a big fuss about as the basis for their first rejection — nice.

Overall, the last nearly two month journey has been a nightmare and again, illustrates how clearly broken this App Store approval process is. On one hand I almost want to give Apple a little credit for “constant” updates starting with the second rejection. Then again, if this process wasn’t such crap, we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first place.

While I still have my old iPhone relegated to mobile gaming/internet usage (my old trust iriver ihp-120 is my mp3 player of choice for sound quality) and still enjoy interacting various aspects of the iPhone/App Store ecosystem, I thank my lucky stars every day that I dropped the hot mess that the App Store/iPhone/AT&T shit hole has become.

You may be asking “Why?” Why am I spending so much time and thought on a process involving an app and situation that isn’t my own? It’s not necessarily the app or people involved as I’ve never met any of the Geeky-Gadgets crew (though sharing a similar interest for all things geeky and gadget I’d consider us at least distant friends — perhaps a family member twice removed on the in-laws side…)? It’s the process and situation as a whole that sucks. It sucks and more people need to know it. Not to tarnish Apple or destroy their business yadda yadda yadda. Instead, hopefully rising amounts of criticism will get them to actually do something about it and improve Apple/developer relations and communication. That would be the ultimate goal.

It’s been a long trek through this stockpile of words and I’m sure you’ve got something on your mind. Leave it below.


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