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Google and Spotify teaming up for US Launch? Roadblocks (read: music labels) hampering progress?

Spotify is one of the greatest startups to come from the land across the deep blue. In case you managed to make it this far in life and not know what Spotify is, I encourage you to do a quick Google search or hit up the link above.

Many followers/hopefuls for a US launch of Spotify know that it is labels’ greed and inability to properly adapt to the changing landscape of music that has thus far prevented any type of Spotify deal. Being a startup and all, you don’t exactly have the most weight at the negotiating table if you know what I mean. A bigger and more established body guard of sorts would do wonders. That’s where Google steps in.

The model in Europe is simple: Everyone can access Spotify via desktop for free with ads. Spotify Premium ($9.99/month) gives you 320Kbps quality audio streams and mobile access via Spotify mobile apps. On top of that, the robust features of playlists and offline listening really make Spotify stand out from the rest of the streaming radio options. If only the US were supported…

TechCrunch has confirmed reports that a deal between Spotify, music labels, and Google is this close close to being reached.

It may seem strange at first for Google to offer help, but when you look at the bigger picture, bundling a Spotify app into Android would give it a good foot in the door of the consumer market that the iPhone/iTunes currently holds. According to TechCrunch’s sources, Google would cover the $3-$4 fee for all end users as to keep Spotify free and bundle a mobile app with the Android 2.1/Nexus One launch. That would certainly be an awesome treat.

What about other Android devices? Will it be special to 2.1 or the Nexus One? It really doesn’t matter. Give the Android community a couple days and that Spotify app will be ported to every other Android device.

Besides the freemium model, it is said that ads will also play a role in the US Spotify arena. Seeing as we currently don’t have any Spotify access, I’ll take some ads. Seriously.

It’s all speculation for now as those very same sources have said that the Spotify/Google/Music label talks have gone slightly cold for the time being. It’s a shame really. A select few greedy bastards are ruining the mobile music sphere and hampering innovation all because they’d like the $5,000 wine instead of the $50.

I can only hope the issues get ironed out and Spotify makes an appearance in the states soon.


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