[CES] Samsung Press Conference

by Mike
Posted January 6th, 2010 at 9:14 pm

CES hasn’t quite kicked off yet but that isn’t stopping a slew of companies from jumping on the bandwagon and unveiling their products a day early. One giant electronics company in particular, Samsung, certainly didn’t hold anything back today, releasing a bevy of products including TV’s, mp3 players (singular), Notebooks/netbooks, and more.

TV’s: From pencil thin to triple dimensions…

Being the eye candy lovers that many of you are, we’ll start with the real meat of Samsung’s announcements — their TV’s.

Of course, besides 3D, LED is a fundamental feature of flat panel screens today. The biggest benefits with LED are pretty well known — lower power consumption, better color reproduction, deeper blacks, and the ability to reduce TV size. With that said, Samsung unveiled the world’s slimmest TV today coming in at a barely visible 0.3 inches — or in other words, as thin as a standard #2 pencil.

Holding up a pencil and trying to visualize a TV may not seem like it’s that thin but seeing it in real life is breath taking as it is truly a sight to see.


Bring us the mobiles. In this case, Samsung mobiles. Ever wanted a fully functioning single-chip ATSC Mobile TV technology capable cellphone? Well, thanks to Samsung you now can. Mobile TV for everyone (AT&T users take a back seat…).

Building on Samsung’s all encompassing market strategy, they are jumping on the chance to enhance our digital lives in every way possible. With consumers moving in vast numbers to smartphones, why not build a mobile app? With the Winter Olympics coming up in only 15 days, tying in with world peace and the happiness the Olympics symbolize seems like a good chance right? Besides the app, a special Winter Olympics/Vancouver phone will also drop. Stay tuned for more images as CES gets into full swing.

Mobile Apps/SDK

It seems as if everyone is getting in on the mobile app business these days. Though try as they might, most that are entering this highly competitive market are doing so in epic failure. Can Samsung break the trend? They’re certainly going to try with “Samsung Apps”.

Mind you, Samsung Apps is not a simple mobile app store. It is a one stop shop for Samsung apps for all kinds of devices. From TV’s to picture frames to mobile phones, any and all internet enabled Samsung apps should be able to play ball in this new market.

Everyone knows however that a platform with mobile app support and a limited or no SDK is a failure from the start. Unfortunately for now, we don’t have any solid info on the Samsung Apps SDK. For that, we’ll have to wait until further into the spring. Any dev’s out there anxious to create some apps for 50+ inch displays full of splendor?

Music Player

Now this one was a small surprise. Everyone suspects 3D TV’s and thin thin thin is in gadgets and such. With multi-purpose devices and smartphones starting to encroach into the territory stand alone mp3 players once inhabited, releasing or even developing new mp3 players seems like a lost cause. That is unless you innovate and throw in transparent screens.

Samsung’s new “Ice Touch” mp3 player’s claim to fame is the AMOLED transparent display. The gist is that it allows users to tap on the backside of the screen to navigate the player while also not obscuring any onscreen controls or visuals. Nice touch. Frankly, as cool as it is, it seems a bit of a novelty at this point. I personally wouldn’t drop any mp3 I currently have just to get a transparent screen. But I’m sure many will.


Printers don’t seem like a very hotly contested field or a field in which consumers and geeks can get very excited.

  • The Panasonic is the world’s smallest mono-color laser printer. For home business users and those into high volume printing on a budget, here’s your printer.
  • The CLP320 series continues the “world’s smallest” shenanigans prints without the hassle of wires by way of Samsung’s DLNA technologies.

Excited for printers now? Eh, didn’t think so. Moving on.

Notebook PC’s and Netbooks

  • Invisibile touchpads and “Touch of Color” accents now adorn R-Series: R480, R580, R780, R430, and R530.
  • N210 netback gets 12 hour battery life while it’s tougher sibling, the NB30 features 30″ drop protection. You know, just in case you ever feel like paling frisbee with your netback and have the dropsies, this is your ‘book.

Digital Picture Frames

Not a whole lot to talk about here really. A new AMOLED photo frame with self-luminescent screen at 1024 x 600 resolution ensures high contrast and easy viewing in both dark and light environments.

Whew! Quite a show with a ton to go over. More pictures (close ups included) will be snagged on the show floor in the coming days. Stay tuned!

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