Microsoft continues the wheel spinning. WinMo 6.6 to drop February 2010. WinMo7 sometime before 2020.

by Mike
Posted January 14th, 2010 at 10:41 am

With each and every passing day that Microsoft doesn’t release WindowsMobile 7, they make their job and reliance on WinMo 7’s success all the the more greater. I don’t think it takes much imagination to think about what will happen to Redmond if WinMo 7 tanks. End of the line me thinks. So just how soon can we expect WM7? Early reports pegged the next mobile OS from Microsoft at late 2010. Those dates as of late have slipped back as far as late 2011 — a full year later than originally planned.

To some, WM 6.5 was nothing but a waste of time — lipstick on a pig if you will. While a handful of elements were beautified on the outside, drilling down a few menus revealed it was the same WM 6.0 underneath.

If you had hard feelings about WM 6.5, it’s probably going to get worse. In February of this year (2010), reports are staring to circulate that another WM 6.x update dubbed “Maldives” (or WM 6.6 for the rest of us) will be let loose. Bug fixes, speed improvements, UI uplifts, and other general TLC are no doubt the biggest and most important updates we’ll see. But it all begs the question: Why?

Why waste months on developing, testing, and marketing the 6.x platform? A platform that is grossly outdated when compared to the modern mobile OS’s of 2010? It just doesn’t make much sense. Am I alone here?


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