Google Reader now creates something out of nothing — Auto feed creation.

by Mike
Posted January 26th, 2010 at 7:57 am

If you’re like me — a gadget freak — chances are you follow at least a couple dozen websites religiously. For me, I love to keep it fresh here so between stories being sent in and searching the vast corners of the web, I’d say I’m making quite a trek with 256 (and growing) feeds in my feed reader. At first, I’d always try to get that unread count down to a nice round goose egg as for some strange reason, it made me feel better as a person. Those self fulfilling days are long gone however. Now I rarely get my unread count below 3-digits as I don’t want to miss anything by carelessly clicking on “mark all read”.

Naturally, a feed reader is important and required as scouring 200+ sites would take far too much time to be of any benefit. So Google Reader it is. The versatility of GR is great. I can import my GR feeds to countless desktop and mobile applications as well as easily access my feed library anywhere else in the world by simply going to

Today marks another notch in the belt for el Googs and their little wonder reader as it now features the ability to automatically create feeds from websites that don’t have them. Now, manually doing such things isn’t that hard but does involve extra clicks and steps I simply don’t have time for. It may seem silly but it’s the truth. Dynamic and on-the-fly feed creation is a blessing.

I now ask you the question, how beneficial do you find this new Google Reader feature. But we don’t all use GR for our feed reading. In that case, what floats your boat?


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